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ITM Master 2. Sem.
10112 Seminar





2 SWS Course


30 h classroom work / 120 h self-study

Every two weeks except first session

ECTS points: 5





Intermediate Presentation (work-in-progress) 20 min. plus discussion (10% of final grade)

Final Presentation 30 min. plus discussion, presentation of research results (30% of final grade)

Term paper: Written analysis, 10-12 pages (60% of final grade)



1.10.      Introduction

15.10.    Introduction II, Work organisation

29.10.    Why has Gastronomy Tourism developed so strongly?

            / Feedback countries 

12.11.    No class -> Double class 7.1.

26.11.    Intermediate presentation

10.12.    No class -> New date 17.12.

17.12.    Q&A and preparations final presentations

07.1.2020 S11 09.15-15.30 h Final Presentations




Gastronomy Tourism - How food and drinks gain importance as tourist attractions and help to develop new tourism service providing companies



Basic work structure: Three groups of two students each select one country and analyse how Gastronomy tourism is developing in this country.



Rough Structure:

Development of tourism / gastronomy tourism in the country

Specific offers and developments

Role of Government and of private companies in gastronomy tourism development

Importance of Gastronomy Tourism for overall tourism development of that country

Outlook: Expected development and results in coming years of gastronomy tourism in that country



Research task

Gastronomy tourism is increasing in importance globally. Researching and presenting the development of it in a specific country to understand its importance and contribution to overall development

Countries chosen:













Michael Hall: Food tourism






UNWTO 2017



food routes


Yeoman: What is food tourism?


Tourism Gastronomy magazine:

Strange food


Why has Gastronomy Tourism developed so strongly?

michael hall: 2003 gastronomy tourism

Why Gastronomy Tourism?
















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