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ITM Bachelor 5. Sem.
Food & Beverages as Tourist Attractions - Example Craft Beers in Northern Germany



Tu 14.00-17.15 h S 15

4 SWS Course



Prüfungsleistung: Presentation and Assignment Paper (12 pages)


Craft Beer tourism:






Who we are, Goals and Shape of the Course, Shared World Map

Introduction Global Tourism Trends - Craft Beer as part of Tourism?

Intro Craft Beer Library





Preparation Visit Craft Beer Festival Lübeck -
Visitors and Exhibitors: Where do visitors come from, are they see themselves as craft beer tourists? Do exhibitors see themselves as part of the tourism industry?

  12.10. + 13.10.
16.00-23.00 h
Participation on both days if possible. If classes on Friday afternoon, participation on Saturday only.

Transport cost paid by Prof. Arlt (S-H Ticket or money for petrol), overnight has to be organised by participants themselves. Participants travel at own risk.



  • Feedback from Interviews Lübeck
  • Wie man ein Fest gestalten kann

  • Programm

  • Musik

  • Live-Musik

  • Stempel-Karte (6te Bier-Einheit umsonst)

  • Mit Eintritt 1 Marke für ein Freibier (0.1 l)

  • Mehr  Deko

  • Mehr Stadtwerbung

  • Einheitliche Deko

  • Stehtische statt Bierbänke

  • Tombola – Goldene Bierglas

  • Besseres und mehr Essen

  • Bühne mit Vorstellung der Brauereien

  • Abstimmung

  • Vorstellung von Craft Beer PPP

  • Eröffnungszeremonie

  • Hinterher: Schnell Bilder online stellen 






Culinary Tourism - Background

Individual students assignment: Craft Beer development in one country with regards to significance for tourism

  3.11. 10.00-17.15 h Overview Craft Beer Development in different countries - CANCELLED, new date tbca








Food Tourism and Craft Beer Tourism

TedTalk Craft Beer

Beer tasting, look at the comments!

 Feedback students assignment

  20.11. NO CLASSSES

Guest Lecture Craft Beer Expert

Preparations presentations

  4.12.  Guest Lecture Craft Beer Expert
Preparations presentations
  8.12. 10.00-17.15 h Presentations students assignment results



Craft Beer Tourism in Northern Germany as part of tourism?

Preparation assignment papers



Summary, Outlook




Food Tourism and Craft Beer Tourism

TedTalk Craft Beer

Beer tasting, look at the comments!




"Just as an area can be can be marketed for its unique history or unique crafts, so too it can be marketed for the unique chemical complexity of its lands, giving rise to unique food tastes that can only be experienced in that local area" (Hansen, 2018)



Publicly available fruits and vegetables in the USA 1900 --> 1983

Disappeared overall: 97%

Cabbage 544 --> 28

Carrots 287 --> 21

Cauliflower 158 --> 9

Tomatoes 408 --> 79

Cucumbers 285 --> 16

APPLE 7,089 --> 877

PEARS 2,683 --> 332






Start of Uniformity: Green Revolution after World War II

1900 --> 2000

Increase of area used for agriculture + 1/3

Increase of yield 4x = Increase of products 6x





Food becomes industrial mass-product

"Farming should be the business of raising food." Henry Ford


"Put simply, industrialisation of the food supply has led to a diminution of authentic taste novelty in the daily lives of people living in industrialised countries." (Hansen 2018)






Fortunately for Craft Beer, HOPS varieties remain diverse, creating a base for different tastes of beer.




Tourism always look for novelty

Example Slow Food Movement: Changing lifestyles create changing consumption



FOOD TOURISM - starts to be a topic for scientific research only after 1990, wine tourism being an important part of it.

Since about 2000, celebrity chefs have added to food tourism another reason to travel

Since about 2010 ethno-food and street food appear in marketing as important  reason to travel








Welcome to the Experience Economy:












"There's no such thing as an artificial experience"




"Ing the Thing" - Experientalizing your offers

 Selling the "-ing experience":

 Embedding Goods in an Experiential Brand

 Sensorializing Goods

 Making Goods Scarce

 Forming a Goods Club

 Staging a Goods Event




"The Progression of Economic Value"

 Example: The Birthday Cake





"The Experience Realms"




Passive Absorption:

f.i. TV, Listening to Music

To Sense

Active Absorption:

f.i. Hands-on exhibit in a museum

To Learn

Passive Immersion:

f.i. Concert

To Be

Active Immersion:

f.i. Skiing

To Do











 Theming the experience

An example:


* The American Girl Place in Chicago charges school-age girls and their parents admission to see a musical review and dine in a themed café based on the American Girl dolls and books. They can spend hundreds of dollars in the American Girl Place for experiences and they haven’t yet bought a thing.





"You are what you charge for"

When you start charging an entrance fee for your attraction/shop/sight,
visitors can rightly demand something for it
(all the time, always on the same level).








What are the consequences for Craft Beer offers an Craft Beer Tourism?









  Contact: Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Georg Arlt FRGS
Bachelor and Master Program International Tourism Management, Tel. 0481 8555-513