Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Georg Arlt
International Tourism Management


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ITM Bachelor 1. Sem
8029: Introduction International Tourism Management






 Global development of tourism
 pre-modern, modern, post-modern:
 Discovery - Acquisition - Invention




Modern travels - Acquisition



            1995: 534 million arrivals     2018: more than 1.4 billion arrivals








 Physical acquisition: Infrastructure, security, opening up, archaeology,
 cathedrals to sights

 Technical acquisition: Transport and information technology

 Mental acquisition: Division of working time/space and leisure time/space,
 ideas of "recreation" and "self-actualization"






Modern travels:

Middle classes (19th c.) and working classes (20th c.)
   in Europe and North America join rich travellers

Increasing impact on destinations and infrastructure

Medium-time travels (weeks or months)

Acquisition of places

Split between travelling/holidays and living/working








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