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Major sources and thinkers in the field of t






 What sources of information do you know for the work of tourism scientists?

 Primary data:
- own research results
- statistics


 Secondary data:
- Articles in Scientific Journals
- Scientific books
- Proceedings of conferences
- Textbooks
- customer communication (for instance blogs)





 Some examples:


 Local, regional, national statistics offices

UK National Statistics Office: Travel & Tourism: Overseas visitors to the UK up by 3%

Overseas residents' visits to the UK and UK residents' visits abroad (seasonally adjusted)

During the 12 months ending August 2007, visits by overseas residents to the UK rose by 3 per cent, from 31.7 million to 32.7 million. Visits from residents of Europe increased 3 per cent (to 23.5 million); North America increased by 1 per cent (to 4.6 million) and visits from other parts of the world rose 5 per cent (to 4.6 million).
In the same period, visits abroad by UK residents increased by 1 per cent during the 12 months ending August 2007, from 68.6 million to 69.6 million. Over this period, visits to North America increased 1 per cent (to 4.8 million), visits to Europe increased by 1 per cent (to 54.8million) and visits to other parts of the world rose by 7 per cent (to 10.0 million).
During June to August 2007, the number of visits overseas by UK residents decreased by 2 per cent to 17.2 million when compared with the previous three months, while the associated spending decreased by 2 per cent to £8.9 billion.
Over the same period, there were 7.8 million visits to the UK by overseas residents, a decrease of 7 per cent when compared with the previous three months, while the associated spending decreased by 2 per cent to £4.0 billion.
Provisional statistics are published on 17 October 2007 in the Overseas Travel and Tourism First Release.
Figures showing three-month changes are seasonally adjusted. Figures showing 12-month changes are not seasonally adjusted.
In January 2007 some changes were made to the way IPS data are collected or calculated. The changes made are: a) to the way the sample is drawn, b) to the method of estimating fares, c) the method of imputing spending for cases where expenditure information has not been given by the respondent. These changes mean that results in 2007 may not be entirely consistent with those of previous years and so care should be taken when making comparison with estimates from earlier years.

Published on 17 October 2007 at 9:30 am


Übernachtungen in Beherbergungsstätten (jährlich)

International statistics from two most important global tourism organisations:


Secondary data:
- Articles in Scientific Journals


Annals of Tourism Research

Oldest, most important journal in tourism science



Other important scientific magazines:
Tourism Management,

Tourism Review,

International Journal of Tourism Research, etc.

Many special magazines
for regions (Islamic Tourism Magazine, Asia Pacific Journal of Tourism Research, Journal of China Tourism Research...)

or topics (Journal of Sustainable Tourism, Journal of Human Resources in Hospitality and Tourism...)


- Scientific books:

 Monographies (whole book by one author) or edited books (book with chapters from different authors) - most authorative source, gone through lectorate and reviewed, extensive bibliography, but slow (2-3 years between writing and publication)

 Proceedings from Scientific conferences - mostly intermediate results, quick but "work in progress"

  Textbooks - aimed at students, overview, less sources named, sometimes one-sided views presented






 Tertiary (non-scientific) data:

 - Customer communication (for instance blogs) - new source for information,
   peer reviews, private websites/-logs, "authentic" voice of customers

 - Articles in Newspapers (for instance Financial Times)

 - Articles in general magazines (for instance The Economist)

 - Articles in Trade magazines (for instance fvw Fremdenverkehrswirtschaft)

 - Articles in email newsletter (for instance eTurboNews)

 - Dictionaries

 - Wiki's

 - Webpages of companies, destinations etc.

 - Transcripts of university lectures

 - etc.







Some major thinkers in the field of t


 Dean MacCannell






John Urry




Michael Hall





Richard Butler





Alain de Botton






Valene Smith





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