Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Georg Arlt
International Tourism Management


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ITM Master 1. Sem.
9685 Seminar
Strategic Management in Tourism, Hospitality and Events           

Mon 10.00-13.15 h


4 SWS Course

Workload: 60 h classroom work / 120 h self-study


ECTS points: 6



Critical understanding of theories, applications and limits of Strategic Management in Tourism, Hospitality and Events.



First session: Lecture Arlt

Second session: 7 Case Studies presented by student groups based on Evans (2015):



- Presentation Case Studies (60 min. including discussion) + 30 min. group exercise (with active part for all participants, for instance: prepared role play or prepared debate etc.)
(30% of mark)

- Written Examination (70% of mark)



All information given in this lecture is available at for download.

Please check the homepage of the website regularly for announcements about time changes etc.






Introduction I Lecturer / Students / Topic


4.10.  S05
14.00-14.45 h

Extra session (within Forum) Assignment distribution
Strategic Alliances Airline
Strategic Positioning DMO
Competitive Strategy Airline
Growth Strategy Hotel
Franchising Strategy Hotel
Strategies for Event Management co.
Turnaround Strategy for Tour Operator



Introduction II Strategic Management



Introduction II Strategic Management in Tourism
Introduction III Strategic Management in Hospitality and Events



Lecture 1 and Case Study I: Strategic Alliances






Case Study II: Strategic Positioning
Case Study III: Competitive Strategy 


Lecture 2 and Case Study IV: Growth Strategy 



Lecture 3



Lecture 4 and Case Study VI: Turnaround Strategy


Christmas Break



Lecture 5 and Case Study VII: Event Management Strategy



Lecture 6 and Final Discussion: Strategic Management in Tourism, Hospitality, Events



Preparation Written Examination 












14.11. - 1

Sasha Krypets, Sahan Yehyozade

21.11. - 2

Dasha Prokhorova, Md. Ahad Bhuiyan

28.11. - 3

Luce Rodriguez Souza, Paymond  Bahreinian, Michala Volna, Isa Gabriel, Jiri Vostatek

5.12. - 4

Felis Halim, Ma Kwok Lai Katherine, Apostol, Walter Cornellio Dominguez, Fuod Shabyev



19.12. - 6.

Jock Qiulong Chen

9.1.17 - 7

Merle Patzner, Anne Heuermann, Olga Bezrek, Xi Zhang






 Strategic Management in Tourism





Introduction lecturer

  Tourism Scientist, sinologue, expert in Chinese outbound tourism
  Born in West-Berlin 1957, married to Swiss novelist, no kids
  Since 2007 living in Meldorf (cultural capital of Dithmarschen, located south of Heide)
  and Hamburg
  Studies in Berlin, Taiwan, Hong Kong
  M.A. Sinology, PhD Political Sciences FU Berlin

  Former owner of specialized tour operator companies
  (Outbound/Inbound East Asia-Europe)
  Consultant for European companies (mainly Transport, Logistics) in China
  Organizer of fairs and exhibitions in East Asia and in Europe
  Publisher, bookseller, journalist

  Since 1997 lecturer (Intercultural Management, Tourism) in Europe, East Asia, NZ
  Since 2002 professor for Leisure and Tourism Management (FH Stralsund)
  Since 2007 professor for International Tourism Management (FHW Westküste)

  Fellow of Royal Geographical Society (London) FRGS
Research Fellow of Japanese Society for the Promotion of Science (Tokyo)
  Research Fellow of the Asia-Pacific Centre for the Study and Training of Leisure of
  Zhejiang University (Hangzhou/China)
  Director of China Outbound Tourism Research Institute (COTRI) 
  Adjunct professor at Yanbian University of Science and Technology (Yanji/China)
  Visiting professor at Ningbo University (Ningbo/China)
  Visiting professor at University of Sunderland (Sunderland/UK)
  Visiting professor at Leeds Beckett University (Leeds/UK)
  Adjunct professor at Tai Poutini University (Greymouth/NZ)

  Blog at


  2008-2013 member of Konvent FHW FB Wirtschaft
  2008-2015 member of Senate of FHW
  2011-2013 Vice Dean FB Wirtschaft







Introduction participants:


- The way to the FHW

- Why ITM Master? Why Germany? Why FHW?

- Working experiences in tourism

- The way from FHW: Planned steps after successful finishing M.A.

- In 10 years: expectation, Dream job














Example China:

China's top leader, Xi Jinping, quoted Deng's adage to feel the stones while crossing the river as a model for China's development.   

Learning from pilot studies, and constant monitoring for both gains and losses of every policy implementation, making adjustments constantly and regularly, is the key to success of all complex systems, embedded in thousands of feedback systems in mechanics, electronics, optics, transportantion and weapons systems.

Using a single theory to explain everything, and then closing one's eyes while implementing it, is far more risky and far more prone to failure than doing things with both eyes open and both ears listeining, but more importantly, with both hands and both feet firmly in touch with reality.  (China Daily 2012)





  Contact: Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Georg Arlt FRGS
Bachelor and Master Program International Tourism Management, Office Schanzenstr. 8, Tel. 0481 8555-513