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ITM Master 1. Sem.
9685 Seminar
Strategic Management in Tourism, Hospitality and Events           














- Trying to make the unplanable planable
- Being weak on values and long-term perspective, strong on annual budgets
- Spending a lot of money and management time on careful planning




- Behaviour left over from industrial (19th/20th) times:   slow-moving, few players, known economic situation

- Hindering innovation

- Slowing down reaction time to adopt to changing situation

- Transferred from industrial production to service provision




Let's find out together













Example China:

China's top leader, Xi Jinping, quoted Deng's adage to feel the stones while crossing the river as a model for China's development.   

Learning from pilot studies, and constant monitoring for both gains and losses of every policy implementation, making adjustments constantly and regularly, is the key to success of all complex systems, embedded in thousands of feedback systems in mechanics, electronics, optics, transportantion and weapons systems.

Using a single theory to explain everything, and then closing one's eyes while implementing it, is far more risky and far more prone to failure than doing things with both eyes open and both ears listeining, but more importantly, with both hands and both feet firmly in touch with reality.  (China Daily 2012)


Additional issues in Tourism:
Many stakeholders, use of public space, strong international competition, production at same time of consumption, subjective quality criteria


Introduction2 PPP










What are the consequences for Strategic management in THE in comparison to other industries?


What are the consequences with regard to the growing volume and frequence of Black Swan events / unexpected interconnections for Strategic Management in THE? Samsung - Ebola - Crimea - Brexit - MH370 vs. GW9525



Please form groups, discuss, present results




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