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International Tourism Management


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ITM Master 1. Sem.
9688 Seminar
International Tourism Master Forum




Di 14.00-17.15 h

S 05 / H13

2 SWS Course, two units every two weeks



30 h classroom work / 150 h self-study

ECTS points: 6


International Tourism Master Forum goal:

Understand and present examples of recent tourism science discourse about major topics of international tourism management, based on recent articles from scientific journals.


5 Topics (3-5 students per group) for group work assignment:

Present topic based on article, explain background, content. Report on experience of relating to article, give critical review. Expand topic beyond article.

Prepare group exercise based on topic and/or methods of article  


- Presentation (60 min. including discussion) + 30 min. group exercise (with active part for all participants, for instance: prepared role play or prepared debate etc.)
(30% of mark)

- Assignment Paper
8 pages per group member to be handed in before Feb. 3, 2017 (70% of mark)





14.00-15.30 h Presentation/Discussion by students

15.45-17.15 h Practical application/Group work by Prof. Arlt



All information given in this lecture is available on for download.

Please check the homepage of the website regularly for announcements about time changes etc.



INTRODUCTION (14.00-14.45 h Strategic Management) 14.45-17.15 Master Forum)


TOPIC 1 Authenticity and Performance - Customers Example Xinjiang


TOPIC 2 - Authenticity and Performance - Employees Example Queensland


TOPIC 3 - Authenticity and Performance - Government Example Chile






TOPIC 4 - Sustainable Tourism - Example Urban Tourism Bukarest

TOPIC 5 - Responsible Tourism - Travellers - Example Canada



Summary, Feedback, How to write the assignment paper










Group members


 1 Authenticity Customers

 Qiulong Chen, Xi Zhang, Daria Prokhorova


 2 Authenticity Employees  Ma Kwok Lai Katherine, Felis Halim, Md. Ahad Bhuiyan


 3 Authenticity Government

 Jiri Vostatev, Michala Volna, Luce Rodriguez Souza


 4 Sustainable Tourism

 Sasha Krypets, Apostol Apostolov, Paymand Bahrianian, Fuod Shabyov


 5 Responsible Tourism

 Sanan Yahyazade, Walter Cornelio, Olga Bezruk, Isa Gabriel, Merle Patzner, Anne Heuermann









  Contact: Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Georg Arlt FRGS
Bachelor and Master Program International Tourism Management, Office Schanzenstr. 8, Tel. 0481 8555-513