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International Tourism Management


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ITM Master 1. Sem.
9688 Seminar
International Tourism Master Forum




Di 14.00-17.15 h

S 05 / H13

2 SWS Course, two units every two weeks



30 h classroom work / 150 h self-study

ECTS points: 6



- Presentation (60 min. including discussion) + 30 min. group exercise (with active part for all participants, for instance: prepared role play or prepared debate etc.)
(30% of mark)

- Assignment Paper
8 pages per group member to be handed in before Feb. 3, 2017 (70% of mark)




Authenticity: Remember Intro

Example Cardiff Castle

H.-R. Hitchcock: Architecture: Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries











Cardiff Castle: Authentic or fake? Split up into two groups, look at online sources, prepare arguments, after 20 minutes start discussion:

Group PRO (Cardiff Tourism Board): Authentic

Group CONTRA (Association of Hobby Historians Wales): Fake







Responsible Tourism

What is the difference between Sustainable Tourism and Responsible Tourism?








How to write the assignment paper?




Citation rules FHW: German: here  English: here

Harvard Referencing: here 






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Bachelor and Master Program International Tourism Management, Office Schanzenstr. 8, Tel. 0481 8555-513